Many people cannot imagine their living room without a coffee table. It is there that have your coffee surrounded by family or guests, put down a book or newspaper during the reading break, set up a board game and enjoy the moment while playing. These are only minor examples of when you will be accompanied by such a seemingly simple but irreplaceable coffee table, a daily companion in your life and great times that are worth remembering. We assure you that your coffee table will be beautiful and unique, simply special. If you are looking for such a coffee table, you have come to the right place. With us, you can decide about every element and participate in its creation. Starting with the choice of wood, the shape of the legs, the top finish, and additions such as epoxy resin or glass, which will subtly cover the tabletop and at the same time highlight the beauty of the wood. But for starters, we will tell you what coffee table to choose for your home and what to pay attention to before making the decision.

Space for coffee table

Of course, you know what area of your flat or house is available and what space you want to “give” to the table.

  • In a large living room, next to a wide sofa, one larger coffee table or a set of several smaller ones, combined with a suite, will create a coherent whole.
  • In a smaller living space, in a sitting room, which has various functions, there will be room for both a smaller single coffee table as well as a set of coffee tables. Such a set can be practical and perform various functions in a small space. Coffee table, side table by an armchair or sofa, drawing table. When we need more space on the floor, we put one in the other. And when the guests arrive, we slide the furniture apart and have a larger tabletop surface for shared use.

It is worth remembering to adjust the size of the table to the interior design and other furniture, so that the whole is harmonious and coherent.

What shape of coffee table?

  • A coffee table with a round top will look great in every house, but the round coffee table will work especially well in homes where small children live because the rounded shape, without sharp edges, is safer for small household members, especially those taking their first steps. Another advantage of round tables is the fact that they take up less space than square or rectangular tables, which is why they work well in small apartments.
  • A coffee table with a square or rectangular top will look good in any interior. It is a classic shape, easy to arrange with other furniture.
  • A table with an uneven, irregular tabletop shape, the appearance of which was given by nature, and human hands created something unique and exceptional, often in cooperation with the buyer and on their special request. Such a wood slice table will work for someone who is interested in individual interior design.

What to look for when choosing a coffee table?

Due to frequent use, choose durable and robust materials, such as natural wood and glass. Or maybe you would like to have a fashionable coffee table enriched with epoxy resin in your living room, which will enhance the beauty of the wood and together with the metal base it will create modern design? The wooden coffee table is a timeless classic that never goes out of style. It will suit any interior, thanks to the wood that easily combines and harmonises with other interior design elements. However, when we choose a wooden coffee table suitable for us, it is worth knowing what type of wood will be perfect (or almost perfect) 😊 for a piece of furniture that will serve us for years. Wood types differ in the degree of hardness, colour, grain characteristics, resistance to sunlight and moisture absorption.

What type of wood should I choose for my coffee table?

Everything depends on your budget and what you like. For solid and durable tabletops, we recommend the wood of European deciduous trees, whose characteristic feature is their hardness, much needed in this type of furniture. For coffee tables, wood in combination with epoxy resin, whose various colours emphasize the shape and structure of the wood and create a very beautiful and modern look.
Below, we present our suggestions for coffee tables made of hard and beautiful types of wood:

  • Black locust wood — beautiful and very durable. In terms of hardness and longevity class of furniture, it occupies the prominent first place among native species;
  • Walnut — a real star among our heroes; it is hard, solid and heavy. The walnut colours range from very light to dark brown and the sophisticated grain patterns are enough to impress everyone.
  • Just behind or on a par with the walnut, we offer a place to pear and apple tree, whose decorative qualities will not leave anyone indifferent; they are also reliable in terms of their hardness.
  • Oak — obviously, the most popular type of wood; classic, hard and very durable, with interesting grain; resistant to abrasion.
  • Ash equally hard or even harder than oak. It comes in light, sometimes slightly yellow colours, with delicate grain which nonetheless is often interesting and very decorative in terms of colour.

It is also worth remembering about wood from exotic tree species imported from all over the world, including Africa, Asia or America, such as ebony or suar and many others, which extend the offer based on domestic or European timber. These exclusive types of wood are used to create unique, exclusive tables which please the eye with many colours and are valued for their aesthetic and functional qualities.

If you have not yet decided on a living room coffee table that would meet your expectations and suit your interior, see our suggestions. We invite you to create with us your custom-made table which will add prestige and a luxurious dimension to your room. A step-by-step guide on how to order a table can be found in our blog entry “Tailor-made furniture – step by step”.