When choosing a dining table, we need to decide on a few important details, including what material the tabletop will be made of. We explain why it is worth choosing a wooden table and what to pay special attention to.

A wooden table: a solid piece of furniture for years.

An alternative to widely available, mass-produced tables is to order a table from a carpenter who will perform his work from the first-quality wood of your choice, giving you the opportunity to follow the production process and decide on all the elements of the table which will be created.

Wooden tables made to order are an offer for those who, in addition to solid workmanship and attention to detail, want to enjoy a unique design. Such a table can be made based on the customer’s idea, and the customer themself can participate in creating the furniture. Starting with the choice of the type of wood, the type of legs, the method of the top finish and even the shape of the edges. It is a process that gives the satisfaction of creating something unique and, as a result, having a personalised piece of furniture.

Such tables may restore the fashion for handing down furniture from generation to generation. They will create multi-generational family history. And when you look at the furniture inherited from your parents or grandparents, it will bring back happy childhood memories.

Oak, beech or walnut table?

A solid wooden table is a timeless classic. Such a piece of furniture will always be fashionable and will suit any interior. And all this is because of the wood, which is a practical material, but at the same time glamorous and easily combined with other interior design elements.

What kind of wood should I choose for my table?

It depends on your budget and preferences. Solid tabletops are made of various types of wood, the most frequently offered and selected being the European deciduous tree timber.

Here we present recommendable types of hardwood:

  • The most popular, of course, is oak — classic, hard and very durable wood with interesting grain, resistant to abrasion. Hardness class: medium hard.
  • Ash is equally hard or even harder than oak. It comes in bright, sometimes slightly yellow colours, with delicate grain, which nonetheless is often interesting and very decorative in terms of colour.
  • Beech is a noble, hard and good quality wood, but it is susceptible to shrinkage. It will also work well as a suitable table material.
  • A real star among our heroes is walnut — hard, solid and heavy. The walnut colours range from very light to dark brown and the sophisticated grain patterns are enough to impress everyone.

We should also remember the exotic species of trees imported from Asia, Africa or America, such as ebony or suar, particularly exclusive, perfect as a beautiful and durable material for the production of tables for years. The wide range of colours, ranging from white through shades of brown, as well as exceptional hardness and biological resistance make these types of wood continually gain in popularity.

The price matters

The prices of wooden tables vary widely, with a significant impact of the type of wood used. The most expensive will be the tables made of exotic wood, and among the domestic offer of walnut or oak wood, an ash or beech table will be the cheaper choice.

When ordering or buying a finished table, it is worth paying attention to the material it is made of. A table is a functional piece of furniture which is used often; it should be made of hard and healthy wood so that it can serve for years. In the case of tables, the price will most often be the indication of the quality of the raw material used for production.

Wooden furniture — an element of nature at home

A wooden table at home is also a part of nature close to us. Wood gives rooms a cosy ambience, which has a positive effect on our well-being and puts us in a good mood. Wood is a natural, healthy and organism-friendly product, it often proves to be an excellent interior material for those suffering from allergies.

You will learn how to take care of your wooden table in this article – What to do to make my table always look great, that is, methods of protection of wood.